Moses Rocks but Jesus is Better

I've been studying the book of Hebrews and recently preached a message from chapter 3. The whole book of Hebrews is basically explaining to those who hold to all things Judaism that

Jesus is better than the various tenants of Judaism and the old covenant. We need to move beyond the law and the old covenant to what their purpose was the whole time; to point to Jesus.

Of everything the Jews loved the most, number one on that list would be the law and if you asked a first century Hebrew who the greatest Hebrew of all-time was, there would be no debate. Moses was a Jew like no other. Unlike the other prophets who received visions and then delivered the word from the Lord, Moses heard direction from God. He spoke with God like a man speaks with his friend. We never read of any other person coming away from speaking with God and having the glory of God make his face glow like neon. God was caring for Moses from infancy to his death, protecting and sparing his life as a baby and personally burying Moses upon his death. I can't think of anyone else who ever lived whose grave was dug by God Almighty himself!

Moses' life is the picture of the Christ to come. As Hebrews 10:1 says, all these Old Testament types are but shadows of the real thing. When you see Moses as a shadow, it should cause you to look at what the actual entity is that is casting that shadow. The real thing is Jesus. Moses was spared from a death sentence on the children in Egypt just as Jesus would be spared from death when His family fled to Egypt. Moses did miracles just as Jesus would do miracles. Moses would free people from physical slavery just as Jesus would free people from spiritual slavery. The Jews had to trust and follow Moses to be physically freed just as we must trust and follow Jesus to be spiritually free. The ways that Moses points to Jesus are numerous and glorious.

But Hebrews 3 says that those who followed Moses hardened their hearts. Their hardened hearts kept them from being able to enter the promised land. We too are at risk if we harden our hearts against God. Moses was a great man. Scripture says he was faithful in God's household. What he gave the Jews in the law and his life and leadership has priceless value to all who seek to know God, but only if we place our faith beyond Moses and the law to what he was really pointing to. His life and miracles and the law and the Torah all point to Jesus. To stop at Moses is to miss the entire point of Moses life and Judaism in particular.



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